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Wildlife Removal Service

Wildlife Removal, Wild Animal Trapping

Call Stateline Animal Control for wild animal removal Racine Wisconsin to get rid of wildlife, trapping, wild animal damage repair, exclusion and clean up Racine County. Specializing in trapping, animal capture, and removing critters from your home or commercial property. Solving wild animal issues in your home and business should be done by experts. If you hear scratching in the walls or noises in the attic call immediately before your issue gets worse.

We have solutions for commercial and residential property. Everything we do is in a safe and humane manner. Experts can solve nuisance critter problems. Once all animals have been removed, there is usually a need for repairs and cleanup.

Wild Animal Damage Repair

Wildlife Damage Repairs

Need expert wildlife damage repair Racine Wisconsin? This is a critical step for keeping problem creatures out. They are destructive and cause expensive destruction very quickly. Many will try to get into your home, crawl space and garage whenever possible. Seal-up your home or commercial property to prevent costly repairs. Fixing destruction is visually pleasing in addition to helping keep them out.
ing wild animal invasion. Prevent critters from entering your property in the first place. They will soil and contaminate insulation, tear drywall and chew electrical wires.  We will replace feces stained insulation and fix your home and property.

Nuisance Bat Issues

Bat Removal Exclusion

Call with questions to get rid of bats in the home. Colonies create a huge amount of bat guano in a short time. In addition, they can contaminate your insulation and cause nasty odor issues. The average cost to remove them increases significantly the longer it continues. These mammals are are helpful to the environment and need to be protected. Therefore, we offer humane exclusion.

Our trained experts can clean up guano as well as deodorize infected areas. Exclusion will help control them from re-gaining entry to your home and business. Expert repairs including contaminated insulation replacement. We specialize in proofing and exclusion. If you think you have bats in your home call for an inspection.

Expert Raccoon Trapping

Nuisance Raccoon Removal

Another common pest animal in Racine is the raccoon.  Common issues include raccoons in the attic or chimney and on the roof are just a few concerns for Racine residents. They are clever and have adapted well to suburban environments. These creatures dig through trash, dig up yards and destroy things to find food. Timely trapping is critical because they will attempt to enter your home. When that happens, they can be destructive.

After building nests, they will tear and chew holes into your roofing. They will also build nests in chimneys and beneath houses. Call and speak with a specialist about raccoon trapping, exclusion and contaminated insulation clean up.

Pest Squirrel Removal

Pest Squirrel Removal

Do you need squirrel removal near Racine? Are there squirrels in your attic? If you hear scratching noises in the ceiling or walls, it’s possible you have rodents of some kind. Having pests in your house can cause a great deal of destruction. Our experts can help trap them in addition to fixing any holes.

They will build nests for their young. Your home has a lot of nesting materials like insulation.  Their teeth are always growing so to keep them trimmed, they may chew on electrical wires causing a fire hazard. These animals destroy and contaminate insulation with urine and feces. Trap, remove and repair.

Rat Extermination and Control

Expert Rat Removal

Call now for rat control and extermination. Mice and rats are a common pest in Racine. We are experts in rodent extermination. Rat control is needed as soon as they have been discovered. Hearing scratching noises may be a sign that you have an infestation or problem.

Rats in the walls or mice in the attic can cause a lot of hazards. Rodents have a habit of chewing electrical wires which can lead to fires. Mice and Rat control and removal should only be attempted by people who understand the danger these animals can present. Because these rodents carry diseases which are communicable to humans, you should call a professional exterminator.

Nuisance Bird Problems

Bird Removal and Control

Birds in vents, feces cleanup, on the roof, commercial signs and solar panels are just a few things we deal with. Bird control in Racine is needed because they can create a huge mess. Pigeons, doves, finches and sparrows are just a few nuisances we deal with. We can help with pigeons, chimney swifts and starlings. Experts installation of barriers, deterrents and proofing products.

Spikes, gel, electrical track, netting and falconry can also help your pest problems. These flying creatures contaminate everything with droppings. Call Stateline Animal Control to get rid of this nuisance and clean up. We have solutions for both residential and commercial customers so contact us now for bird abatement. Stop them from nesting on your commercial property.

Snake Exclusion Proofing

Emergency Snake Removal

Seeing snakes near your Racine WI home? This can be a little frightening and dangerous. Many people have a fear of them though there are only a few that can be deadly. You should have a professional sort out any problem. We can control these reptiles and help with catching them.

These reptiles often find their way into your home as they search of food. They enter though an opening the same size that a mouse can. If you have small rodents or animals in or in close vicinity to your home you may also have snakes. Minimize the risk of this reptile getting into your home by doing exclusion work to prevent rodents, and other animals near your home. Because of the danger this critter can pose, always call an expert. Don’t try to handle a venomous snake on your own.

Skunk Trapping Odor Control

Humane Skunk Removal

Call today for odorless skunk trapping. These blankNwhite critters dig to build nests under your shed, deck and porch. They will destroy your lawn and yard digging for grubs. We can get rid of skunks from your home or garden. They can be dangerous when they feel threatened. Their spray, smell, odor can be very strong.

We trap, repair damage and deodorize. Working safely and humanely is our goal. In addition to odor problems, these animal can be destructive. Don’t allow them overtake your home. Let our professional trappers solve your issues.