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Wildlife Removal Longview


Wildlife Removal

Bats in Attic and Home removal in LongviewWe can help you with wildlife removal in Longview, WA. When you are hearing noises in your attic or scratching in your walls you may find that you have wildlife in your home. Your attic and crawlspace are perfect places for wild animals to build their nests. They will tear up your roofing to gain entrance. They will enter through holes, vents, crevices. Any opening in your home is a way for wildlife to gain entrance to your Cowlitz County, Washington home.

Once inside, Wildlife will begin to damage your home. They will tear up insulation. Wild animals will tear up drywall. They will gnaw on wiring. Wildlife will also leave behind their feces and urine. Their droppings will also attract insects which can cause even further damage. The longer that wildlife is allowed to remain in your home, the more damage they may create.

We are trained on how to safely remove wildlife from your home and seal up the entry points. We know the best ways to trap and remove them from the attic. After we have removed the wildlife, we can safely clean up the mess that they have left behind.

Bats in Attic

It is common to find bats in the attic in Longview. If you are seeing bats flying around your home at dusk, you may have bats in your home. Call us for an inspection and we will let you know if you have a bat infestation. We will also give you a plan to safely exclude the bats from your attic.

We will seal up all of the entry points that we find the bats entering your home. Through the use of one way doors we will remove the bats from the attic. Once gone, we will remove the one way door and finish the seal up of your home. We will also help you with clean up from the damage bats have caused. Bat guano is caustic and should always be cleaned up. Insulation should be removed if it has been covered in guano and urine.

Squirrel Removal

If you have trees near your home, you may have a need for squirrel removal in Longview. Squirrels are clever animals that can make their way into your home. If you are hearing scratching and other noises coming from your attic, you have squirrels in your attic. They love to make your warm, dark and quiet attic their home.

Squirrels will build nests in your home and attic. They will tear up insulation to build a nest to raise their young. They will gnaw at your wiring which can lead to a potential for fires. Call us to trap and remove the squirrels in your home. We know where to set traps to catch and remove the squirrels. We will seal up the entry points to your home so that they can’t return.

Raccoons in Attic

Another wild animal that loves your Longview attic is raccoons. Raccoons are clever and have adapted well to suburban environments. They dig through trash and will dig up your yard in search for grubs. Timely raccoon trapping is critical. They will also get into the attic of your home and do a large amount of damage in a short period of time.
Raccoons will tear into your roofing, soil your insulation, and damage your attic. They pose a threat to your family’s health. Call us for pest raccoon problems and to repair damage in your home or business. We will trap and remove the raccoons from your home.

Emergency Snake Removal

We offer emergency snake removal in Longview. It can be frightening to find a snake in your home. Call us and we will safely trap and remove the snake from your home. If you are unsure if a snake is venomous it is best to call in an expert. We know snakes and we know how to safely handle them. Don’t risk getting hurt, call us for snake trapping.

Snakes will enter your home in search of food. If you have a snake problem in your home, you may also have other wildlife as well. We will find the entry points that snakes and other wildlife are using to gain entrance to your house. We will seal those up so that they can’t get back in.

Odor Free Skunk Removal

We also offer odor free skunk removal in Longview, WA. When you find that you have a skunk in your yard or home, call us. We can safely remove the skunks. Skunks will tear up your yard as they are digging for grubs. They will build nests under your deck or porch. Skunks will get into your crawlspace to build their nests.

If cornered a skunk will attack or spray. Don’t try to remove the skunks on your own. Protect yourself, your family, or your pets from being sprayed. Call in a professional who knows how to remove the skunks without having them spray. If you have had a skunk spray your home we can also help with skunk spray remediation.

Birds in Vents

Springtime is when you will often find birds in vents in your Longview home. Bird removal is commonly needed for birds in vents, as well as birds on the roof or solar panels. We can help with pigeon, chimney swift and starling control. Call us today to help with bird removal and exclusion from your home or business.

Once you have birds in the attic, they can cause a lot of damage. Birds will also contaminate your insulation with their droppings. Birds get into your attic, vents and soffits and chimneys. Their nests can create a good deal of damage and they can also be a potential fire risk. We can install bird barriers and perform bird proofing to help with bird exclusion.

Commercial businesses are also at need for bird exclusion. If you have birds roosting on or in your business, call us for an inspection. We can give you the tools you need to exclude birds from your commercial property.

Rats in Walls

Scratching noises may be a sign that your have rats in the walls of your Longview home. Rats and mice can enter your home from very small entry points. Once inside your home they can cause a good deal of damage. They can also begin to breed quickly. Rats love to chew on things in your home and this results in damage. They will chew on wood and drywall. Topping the list of fire hazards is rats chewing on wires as exposed wires are a dangerous risk for house fires.

We are experts at rat and mice extermination. We know the best traps to set and where to set them. Safety is a top priority when handling live or dead rats. They are disease carrying vermin and must be removed safely. Don’t try to remove a mice or rat colony on your own. You risk your health and the health of your family. We will help you to control your rat problem and safely remove the damage that they have created.