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Armadillo Removal in Houston Texas

Armadillo removal may be needed when you are finding damage to your lawn in Houston. The nine banded armadillo is the found throughout Harris County, Texas. These animals prefer to live in warm climates making Houston a perfect habitat.

An armadillo can quickly destroy your lawn as they search for food. Before you fix the damage that you discovered in your lawn or garden, call an armadillo removal specialist.

Armadillo Trapping Houston, TX

Trapping armadillo is difficult. Their main diet consists of beetles, termites, ants. They have poor eyesight, and a keen sense of smell. Why does this make armadillos hard to trap? Because bait cannot be used to trap these armor shelled critters. They forage for food in the early morning and early evening. Armadillos can destroy nicely manicured lawns, golf courses, and gardens in a single night. They will dig small to medium sized holes and long burrows in your yard in search of food. These burrows can damage concrete foundations of sidewalks, porches, and buildings.

We will do an inspection and in fact determine if it is an armadillo causing damage to your yard. Once a determination has been made that it is an armadillo, then an armadillo trapping program can be started. A specialist understands armadillos and knows how to effectively trap and remove these pest animals. Trapping and removing them is the most effective control method.

Armadillos Digging In Yard Houston

Armadillos digging in the yard is just one area where damage can occur. They will also dig into your garden in search of food. An armadillo can damage your concrete foundation and dig under your sidewalk in their quest for food. They can also destroy commercial lawns as well.

It can be difficult to tell if the damage is from an armadillo as they are a nocturnal animal. Call us for an inspection. We will help you to determine what animal is destroying your yard and give you a plan to remove them.