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Animal Pros Wildlife Removal


North Charleston SC wildlife removal takes on any of your wildlife control problems in Charleston County, South Carolina. Wildlife removal professionals will give you solutions for all of your wild animal problems in your house or business. We can take care of concerns such as bats in the attic, squirrels in attic, and birds in the vents. Call for wildlife removal and control of bats, birds, squirrels, raccoons, skunks, rats, snakes and many more.

North Charleston SC wildlife control performs wildlife removal Charleston County. North Charleston SC wildlife removal can assist you with any of your animal removal or animal control needs in Charleston County, South Carolina. North Charleston is the 3rd largest city in South Carolina with a population of over 100,000. It has a nickname of “A great place to live, work and play.” It is a part of the Charleston metro area. Cities that are also in the North Charleston wildlife removal area are Charleston, Isle of Palms, Hanahan, Goose Creek, Ladson, West Ashley, South Carolina.

North Charleston Squirrel Removal

North Charleston squirrel control is needed when you have squirrels in your attic. Squirrels in your yard may not pose any real threat, but when they enter into your home or business they can cause a lot of damage. North Charleston squirrel control helps to keep squirrels from taking up residence in your attic and home. Squirrels will try to find protection from climatic conditions and to build nests for their young. Squirrels in your attic home can damage insulation with urine. They will chew electrical wires which could create fires. If you hear noises in your attic, call squirrel removal specialist.

North Charleston Bird Removal

North Charleston bird control is commonly needed as a result of people keeping bird feeders in their yards. They are fun to watch but birds getting into your home or business is not as pleasant. Birds search for shelter to build their nests. Often these nest will be in your home and birds in the vents, soffits or signs is the result. Birds nest in the chimney and rost in your attic. The best way to handle North Charleston bird removal is to call a professional for bird exclusion. We also install bird netting, spikes and electrical tracks for bird proofing.

North Charleston Bat Removal

North Charleston bat control can control bats in your attic. Bats in the attic is not just a common saying, it can also be a real problem. Bats look for a nesting area for their bat colony. Tthat nesting ground can be in your home or business. Bats like dark areas to hide from the weather. When they get into your attic or home, you get additional problems with bat urine, bat guano, and bat droppings. These can destroy your insulation and result in nasty stench issues. North Charleston bat control should be done before this damage is caused. Bat removal professionals can also clean up bat quano, perform bat exclusion and replacing insulation damaged by bats.

North Charleston Raccoon Removal

North Charleston raccoon control for raccoons on your roof. Raccoons may look cute, but when raccoons are digging in your trash or garbage they can be destructive. Raccoons like to dig through garbage and dig up your yard seeking food. Raccoons can damage your lawn digging for grubs and worms. Raccoons also create dens in your attic. They will damage your roof as the search for ways in. The stench of raccoon urine and droppings can be very strong. North Charleston raccoon removal can help you with this pest wild animal. Raccoons like to build nests in chimneys, crawlspaces, and attics. Call a specialist for raccoon exclusion and raccoon clean up.

North Charleston Skunk Removal

North Charleston skunk control is needed when skunks under your home. Smelling skunk odor around the house needs to be dealt with. Skunks build nests under your shed, or porch if they have a reliable food supply in the area. North Charleston skunk removal helps to remove skunks before they destroy your yard in search of insects. An expert should really be used to remove skunks from your property. We help with skunk trapping, skunk exclusion and skunk spray smell deodorization. A skunk will spray as when it is afraid and to mark their territory.

North Charleston Rat Removal

North Charleston rat control helps with your rat control problems. Rats are a very destructive rodent. Rats are able to get into your home through the smallest openings. Rat removal is needed moment you hear scratching ion the attic or walls. Rats and mice love to chew on electrical wires in your home. These wires, now exposed, are a leading cause of house fires. North Charleston rat removal solutions can help you take care of this problem. You shouldn’t attempt to perform rat removal and rat control on your own as these rodents can carry many diseases.

North Charleston Mole Removal

North Charleston mole control can help with mole removal from your lawn. If you have holes in the yard, its a good possibility that you have a mole control problem. Moles live beneath the ground. They dig tunnels under your lawn for nests and to find bugs to eat. Moles can move a great deal of dirt in a short time. If you let moles continue to dig up your lawn, they could do a lot of damage. The simplest way to handle mole control is by mole trapping. An expert can set traps to North Charleston mole control and get them out of your yard.

North Charleston Snake Removal

North Charleston snake control will remove snakes from your home. Finding a snake in your home can be upsetting. Lots of people have ophiophobia or a fear of snakes. Snakes find their way into your home in search of food. If you have rodents or small animals close to your home, you may also have a snake problem. A snake can enter your home through an opening the same size that a rat can. Many people fear snakes but most are not venomous. There are a few snakes that are harmful so you should always have a professional tackle this problem. North Charleston snake removal can help you remove snakes and keep them out with snake exclusion.