South Carolina

Wildlife Removal South Carolina

We have a humid subtropical climate. Higher elevation areas have less subtropical characteristics. In the summer, South Carolina is hot and humid and daytime temperatures average between 86–93°F. Overnight lows averaging 70–74°F on the coast. Winter temperatures are much less uniform in South Carolina as coastal areas have a very mild winter with high temperatures around 60°F.

Wildlife Removal Solutions has specific information related to South Carolina’s wildlife. They can help homeowners when dealing with South Carolina wildlife removal. The state is a true four season state meaning that spring, summer, fall and winter all bring different challenges for wildlife control.

In the spring, South Carolina wildlife are in the breeding process. Wildlife like to find a cool, quiet place for their babies. This is often in your home. In the summer, the wildlife of South Carolina try to stay out of the hot weather and this affects all of SC. In the fall the wildlife are usually busy starting to construct their homes and find shelter to ride out the winter.

We have wildlife removal professionals in South Carolina for the most common wild animals. Common wildlife in South Carolina consists of squirrels, bats, snakes, rats, birds, raccoons, skunks, and moles. There are other wild animals and you should never attempt to remove or control them without the aid of a professional South Carolina wildlife removal technician.

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