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Pest Bird Removal

Bird Removal and Control

We are the local experts for bird removal Pittsburgh. If you need these winged critters removed in a residential, commercial or industrial area call today. We can handle any pest problem in Allegheny County Pennsylvania. Wildlife experts get rid of nuisance starlings, pigeons, sparrows and woodpeckers. Feces cleanup is another major issue. A state of the art cleaning system that lets us tackle this clean up safely.

There are many types of issues and as many solutions. We can trap, remove, control and deter. Also, we provide dead bird removal and nest cleanup. We are a full-service company so call today.

Remove Birds in Vents

Some of the more common issues are birds in vents, attics, bathroom vents, chimneys and commercial signage. Wildlife experts solve commercial problems in warehouses, restaurants, hotels and other businesses.

Finding them in vents is a very common problem in Pittsburgh. Around the middle of March they migrate back and begin pairing and mating. The female has an instinct to nest. She looks for a suitable place to lay eggs. Your vent or gable is a very secure place for her. This can be noisy for as you hear constant moving, scratching and chirping.

There are many different species in the USA which are a common nuisance. All year round they nest in vent pipes and building structures. This critter can be one of the dirtiest creatures around. They often carry diseases, lice, mites and other health risks.

Exclusion Proofing Clean Up

Once removed, we can perform bird exclusion. If you see them on the rooftop, signs, or other parts of a structure, we can install deterrents. Spike tracks, shock strips, bird slides, wire management and more. We are experts and our technicians use the most advanced methods.

As the young develop they will contaminate almost everything with urine and waste. Newborns can die which can cause tremendous odor problems. They will infest a building for years causing the occupants to be exposed to major health and respiratory problems. We use the newest technology, cleanup methods and exclusion techniques.