Wildlife Removal, Damage Repair, Wildlife in Attic, Home, Ohio

Wildlife Removal

When new homes are built, it impacts the natural surroundings of the local wildlife. Removing trees, bushes, rocks and other natural habitats are driving the wildlife into homes, attics and businesses. Especially in the winter when our weather turns cold and the winds from the north blow in.

Wild Animal Damage Repair

Wildlife in Ohio can be very destructive. Bats contaminate attic insulation with guano. Rodents will chew on electrical wires and anything else in your home in addition to raccoons tearing through just about anything in search for food. It’s important to safely remove all wildlife, repair damage and seal up or exclude them from getting back in. If this is done incorrectly, your problems may just start again. Make sure the person you hire is qualified, licensed and insured.

Bat Removal Services

Bat Removal, Bats in the Attic, Guano Clean Up

A common problem in Ohio is bats in the attic. Bats will quickly become an infestation. Colonies will create a lot of damage to your home and property in addition to bat guano mess. Call an expert near you for bat damage repair and clean up.

Squirrel Removal Services

Squirrel Removal, Squirrels in Attic, Home

Bad things happen when there are squirrels in your attic. They force their way into your Ohio home especially when it’s time to give birth. Experts can help with squirrel damage repairs and clean up. Call an expert for squirrel problems and cleanup.

Pest Raccoon Removal

Nuisance Raccoon Problems and Issues

Pest raccoons in Ohio can be a big problem. Curious by nature these nocturnal creatures will ruin everything to get what they want. The damage home and property in addition to making a mess. Call an expert for raccoon problems and issues.

Rat Removal, Control, Exterminator

Mice and Rat Removal, Control, Exterminator

Rat Removal and mice problems are common in Ohio. Scratching noises in the walls and attic needs to be addressed before they cause a lot of damage. They chew electrical wires causing a fire hazard, with this in mind, get rid of mice and rats.

Bird Removal, Nests, Birds in Vents, Solar Panels, Sign

Bird Removal, Birds in Vents, Solar Panels, Signs

Pigeons, starlings, doves, finches and sparrows are just a few common birds that get into your Ohio attic, vents and soffits. There are good products to get rid of birds especially pest birds. Netting, spikes and bird barriers can help so call today.

Skunk Trapping, Removal, Smell, Odor

Skunk Trapping, Removal, Spray, Smell, Odor

Call an expert for skunk trapping and removal in Ohio. Being sprayed by a skunk is not fun, furthermore, skunks can damage to your lawn and garden. Get rid of skunks under shed, deck or porch. Our Pros can remove skunks safely.

Our state has a variable climate, specifically, spring, summer, fall and winter all bring different challenges. In the spring, Wildlife are in their breeding process. Durning the summer, they are usually busy hiding from the hot weather that affects all of Ohio. Fall brings a unique challange, wild animals are starting to build their nests and find shelter for the winter.

We have specific information related to cities in Ohio and the most common animals for wildlife removal professionals. Most pest wildlife consists of bats, squirrels, snakes, rats, birds, raccoons, and skunks. Do not attempt to handle any wildlife like coyotes, groundhogs, moles, chipmunks and any wildlife found in Ohio. These are wild animals and can be very dangerous when threatened.

Pest wildlife removal services for the following counties

Northeast Ohio covers Cuyahoga County, Summit County, Lorain County and Medina County. Central Ohio covers Franklin County, Fairfield County, Delaware County, Pickaway County and Ross County. South west Ohio covers Hamilton County, Montgomery County, Miami County, Butler County, Green County and Warren County. Coverage includes all surrounding metro areas.