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Wildlife Removal Wild Animal Damage Repair Hempstead

Pest wildlife issues HempsteadWe can help with commercial and residential wildlife removal in Hempstead, New York. Wild animals in your home, or on your property can be destructive. Skunks build nests under your house and storage sheds. Birds build nests in chimneys or vents. Snakes get into your home, crawl space and garage. Bat guano or feces in your home and attic can contaminate insulation. Rats destroy insulation and chew on electrical wires. Remove wildlife and prevent animal damage with a complete wildlife inspection. Repair and seal-up your home today. We eliminate commercial and residential nuisance wildlife problems around Hempstead, NY. Call for wildlife trapping, animal capture, and critter removal from your home throughout Nassau County, New York.

Wildlife animal removal experts can help eliminate nuisance critter problems. Do you hear scratching noises in the attic, behind walls or crawlspace? We have emergency 24/7 solutions for any wild animal problem. Bats in the attic, raccoons in the chimney, squirrels in the roof, wildlife digging up the yard or birds in the vents. Don’t just watch gophers, groundhogs, and moles dig up your lawn. We can help get rid of your nuisance wild critter problem like raccoons tearing up your roof, or that foul odor of dead animals in the attic or behind walls.

Raccoon Removal Hempstead

Call a raccoon specialist that can help you with emergency raccoon trapping, exclusion and contaminated insulation clean up. As a result of building nests in your attic, raccoons will tear and chew holes into your roofing. Raccoon removal in Hempstead will help control this pest animal. They also like to build nests in chimneys, beneath houses, as well as in the attic. Let us help you to get rid of raccoons. If you have raccoons in the crawlspace for example, they can do a lot of damage to insulation. Raccoon removal can take care of problems like animals digging in your trash and raccoons on the roof.

Bat Removal Hempstead

Bats like dark areas to hide from the elements and as a result, your Hempstead attic is perfect. Bat colonies can create a huge mess of bat guano in a short time and create much damage. We specialize in removal of bats in the attic and understand bat removal. Additionally, we can also perform bat guano cleanup and removal. Bats in the attic is a real problem. Bat exclusion helps to control the bats from re-gaining entry to your home or business. Bats damage your insulation as a result this can create health issues. Bat damage includes contaminated insulation from bat guano and droppings.

Skunk Removal Hempstead

We are experts at odorless skunk removal in Hempstead. Skunks build nests under your shed, or porch. They can cause also damage your front yard. Skunks dig up your lawn as they look for food. Call us to remove skunks from your home or garden. Don’t let a skunk spray you. In addition, skunks can be dangerous when they feel in jeopardy. Skunk spray, smell, odor can be very strong and to say nothing of the problem of removing odors. We will help you with skunk trapping and skunk exclusion and deodorization. We know how to control skunks in your yard safely and humanely.

Squirrel Removal Hempstead

Homeowners in Hempstead often need squirrel removal particularly if they get into the attic . If you hear scratching noises, then you may have squirrels in the attic or squirrels on the roof. A squirrel in your house can cause a great deal of damage. Considering that squirrels want to build nests for their young, your attic is the perfect place. Squirrels teeth are always growing and as a result, to keep them trimmed, squirrels may chew on electrical wires. This can create a fire hazard. Squirrels will damage your insulation with urine and feces. Once we have trapped squirrels and removed them, we can help with squirrel damage repair. Squirrel removal can help with problems such as squirrels in the attic.

Bird Removal Hempstead

Bird removal in Hempstead is commonly needed for birds in vents, bird feces cleanup as well as birds on the roof or solar panels. There is also constant need for bird control in Hempstead because they can cause damage to your home not to mention the mess created. Pigeons, starlings, doves, finches and sparrows are just a few common birds that get into your attic, vents and soffits. We can help with pigeon, chimney swift and starling control. Bird barriers as well as bird proofing are good ways to exclude birds.

Common problems include, birds in vents, birds in the chimney and birds roosting on your roof or in your attic. As a matter of fact if you have birds in attics, they can cause a lot of damage. Birds will also contaminate your insulation with their droppings as a result you may see expensive repairs. Call us today to help with Hempstead bird removal, control and exclusion from your home or business.

Snake Removal Hempstead

Snakes in the home can be a little frightening as well as dangerous. Many people d have a fear of snakes. There are few snakes that are deadly, but you should truly have a professional sort out this problem. We can help you control these snakes and help with snake trapping, removal, as well as snake exclusion. Snakes can often find their way into your home as they search of food. A snake can enter by means of an opening the same size that a mouse will enter your home. If you have small rodents or animals in or in close vicinity to your home, then you may also have snakes. One of the things that will help to minimize the risk of snakes from getting into your home is by doing exclusion work that prevents rats, mice, and other animals from being able to enter your home.

Rat Removal Hempstead

Call us if you find rats in your attic, home or business. Seeing a rat in your home can be alarming and it can also be a danger. Mice are capable of entering your home through very small openings. Rat removal must be initiated immediately. When you see a mouse or rat, call us or the problem can get worse quickly.

Rodents are fast breeders and scratching in walls can indicate a problem. Rats love to chew on things in your home and this results in damage. They will chew on wood and sheetrock. Topping the list of fire hazards is rats chewing on wires as exposed wires are a dangerous risk for house fires. Hempstead rat removal can prevent this and help you to take charge of your rodent problem. Don’t attempt to handle rat or mice removal by yourself because they may be carrying rabies.

Animal Trapping Hempstead

We are the experts in animal trapping to rid you home of unwanted wildlife. We know where to place the traps as to be able to easily catch and remove wild animals. In addition to trapping animals we know how to find and seal the entrance points. Often these entrance points are from animals tearing into the roof to enter the attic. If you are hearing noises in the attic or scratching in the walls then call now. We will set up an inspection and let you know what type of wildlife problem you have. We will also give you a solution to your wild animal infestation. Wild animal trapping can be dangerous if done by the homeowner. The best way to protect your home and your family is by calling a professional to handle these animals.