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Wildlife Removal Croton on Hudson NY

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Wildlife Removal, Wild Animal Damage Repair

QualityPro takes on all of your wildlife removal requests in Westchester County, New York. Wildlife animal control experts can offer you results for all of your animal problems which you may have in your home or business. We can easily manage troubles that may normally include bats in the attic, squirrels in the crawlspace, or birds in the vents. We could help you in any of your animal removal needs. Animals which can include raccoons, birds, squirrels, skunks, moles, mice, possums, snakes and many more. If you have snakes in your home or raccoons tearing up your roof, we can help.

We are able to help with any of your pest animal problems that you have in your home or business. Wildlife animals could contribute to large damage to homes. Rats will destroy insulation. Mice chew through wires. Squirrels nest in your attic. Skunks build nests under your house or storage shed. Raccoons dig up your yard. Moles damage your lawn. Bats leave urine stains and dung in your home. Our Specialists at Croton-on-Hudson wildlife removal are skilled and insured to meet the conditions of the State and the city of Croton-on-Hudson. We will tend to your problem in a safe and humane way.

Bat Removal Croton-on-Hudson

Quality Pro Pest can help should you find bats in the attic. Bats enter your home and create problems with urine, guano, and dung. These can cause damage to your insulation therefore causing nasty odor issues. Its not just a saying, bats in the home can be a real problem. Bat exclusion defends against them re-entering your home or business. Typically after you have noticed bats nesting in your attic and have them removed you can be left with the bat damage repair. Damage like stained drywall, urine in insulation, and guano feces. We understand how to eliminate bats in the attic, we understand bat control and we can assist you with your bat damage problems.

Squirrel Removal Croton-on-Hudson

Homeowners in Croton-on-Hudson often need squirrel removal particularly if they get into the attic . If you hear scratching noises, then you may have squirrels in the attic or squirrels on the roof. A squirrel in your house can cause a great deal of damage. Considering that squirrels want to build nests for their young, your attic is the perfect place. Squirrels teeth are always growing and as a result, to keep them trimmed, squirrels may chew on electrical wires. This can create a fire hazard. Squirrels will damage your insulation with urine and feces. Once we have trapped squirrels and removed them, we can help with squirrel damage repair. We can help with problems such as squirrels in the attic.

Raccoon Removal Croton-on-Hudson

Call a raccoon specialist that can help you with emergency raccoon trapping, exclusion and contaminated insulation clean up. As a result of building nests in your attic, raccoons will tear and chew holes into your roofing. Raccoon removal in Croton-on-Hudson will help control this pest animal. They also like to build nests in chimneys, beneath houses, as well as in the attic. Let us help you to get rid of raccoons. If you have raccoons in the crawlspace for example, they can do a lot of damage to insulation. Quality Pro take care of problems like animals digging in your trash and raccoons on the roof.

Bird Removal Croton-on-Hudson

We can help with birds on your roof. Birds build nests in your home or business in addition to causing damage to your home. Pigeons, Starlings, Doves, Finches and Sparrows are just several of the common birds that get into your attic. We can install bird barriers to help with exclusion. Birds build nests in your home. You can find birds in vents, or in the chimney. They roost in your attic and therefore cause a great deal of damage. Birds contaminate insulation with their feces. Call a professional to help you with pest bird problems.

Skunk Removal Croton-on-Hudson

Skunk removal can take care of problems like skunks under your porch. Noticing a skunk in your yard can be disturbing. Smelling a skunk around your house can be excruciating. Skunks build nests under your shed, or porch if they have a reliable food stores in the area. Trapping should be taken care of before they damage your front yard. Skunks dig up your lawn as they look out for food. A professional should be utilized to move these skunks out of your home. Don’t let a skunk spray you. Skunks can be dangerous when they feel in jeopardy. Skunks may spray and they may attack back. We will help you with skunk trapping and skunk exclusion. A skunk sprays once it is afraid, but a lot of times skunks spray to mark their territory. We know how to get rid of skunks in your yard safely and humanely.

Rat Removal Croton-on-Hudson

Call us if you find rats in your attic, home or business. Seeing a rat in your home can be alarming and it can also be a danger. Mice are capable of entering your home through very small openings. Rat removal must be initiated immediately. When you see a mouse or rat, call us or the problem can get worse quickly.

Rodents are fast breeders and scratching in walls can indicate a problem. Rats love to chew on things in your home and this results in damage. They will chew on wood and sheetrock. Topping the list of fire hazards is rats chewing on wires as exposed wires are a dangerous risk for house fires. We can prevent this and help you to take charge of your rodent problem. Don’t attempt to handle rat or mice by yourself because they may be carrying rabies.

Snake Removal Croton-on-Hudson

Snakes play any important role as predator and prey. Croton-on-Hudson is home to many snakes. The most common is the rattlesnake. They make a distinctive rattle sound when threatened. King snakes, bull snakes, and garter snakes also call Westchester County home. Snakes often find their way into neighborhoods in search of food and shelter. Therefore sealing all crevices and spaces where pipes and electrical wires enter the building to prevent snakes from entering your home. Because of the danger snakes can pose, always call an expert for snake removal from your property