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Bat Removal Raleigh NC

It is always best to call in a professional for bat removal Raleigh Wake County North Carolina. Bats are probably one of the most dangerous wildlife pests to find. They are very good at spreading diseases. Bat droppings can make you very sick. Even a small colony of bats can contaminate insulation.

Once bat droppings have gotten on insulation, it is safest to have a professional replace the insulation to avoid getting severely ill. We handle bat removal safely. We will protect your home and your family.

Bat Removal Exclusion

Bats in Attic Raleigh

One of the most common calls are bats in attic. Once they have begun nesting in your attic they will begin to build their colony. If left alone this colony can grow quite large in size. If you suspect that you have bats in the attic in your home, call us for an inspection.

The building should be completely inspected to find any possible entry points as well as ensuring there are no young present. Evicting the adults leaving babies to die is not a desirable outcome. This will result in unpleasant odor and bug infestation issues. Leaving the primary entry/exit points open, any other openings can be sealed before the eviction to limit the possibility of reentry.

Bats in attic professionals will be able to determine which openings are the primary entry and exit points. Once all the bats are out then you can permanently seal the opening. After the exclusion, the cleaning and decontamination should be done in a safe and thorough manner.

Remove Bats from Attic

Bat Damage Repair Raleigh

In addition to being a source of disease, bats can also cause serious damage to your house. The damage to your home will continue to grow. Bats frequently chew through wires which can be a serious fire hazard. Even a small fire can grow to become quite serious in an attic. Even putting aside the risk of fire, bats can chew through vent covers and other structures in the house. A single destructive bat can create a hole for many other pests to come in through. Finally, bats can cause significant amounts of cosmetic damage all around the house. Whether your reasons are practical or purely aesthetic, don’t put off calling your local Raleigh wildlife control expert.

No matter where bats have chosen to infest your house, it is very important to get help from local professionals right away. Even one bat can put your household at high risk of being exposed to disease. With the addition of all the damage to your property they can cause, there really is no time to lose. Contact your local Wake County bat removal professionals today.

Fix Bat Damage

Bats In The House Raleigh

Finding a bat in your house can be a terrifying event. It makes sense to want to remove the bat as quickly as possible. Bats are a common wildlife in our state. While there is certainly no reason to panic, you should seek professional help right away. Not only can bats be difficult to remove, but they can also be a major health risk. Professional wildlife control also guarantees that all of the bats are removed. The longer you have bats in your house, the more damage they can cause. Luckily there are wildlife professionals right here in Wake County North Carolina.

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