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Atlanta Raccoon Removal

raccoon removalAtlanta raccoon removal will take care of your raccoon problems. Raccoons dig in trash cans to find food in addition to damaging the lawn and garden as they dig for grubs and worms. Raccoons will make dens in your attic. They will damage insulation and destroy sheetrock as they build nests. Raccoons will damage your roof as they try to get into your home. The smell of raccoon urine and droppings can be very strong. A number of the areas that raccoons like to build nests are chimneys, crawlspaces, and attics. Atlanta raccoon removal will help you with this pest animal. Call an expert to assist you with raccoon trapping, removal, exclusion and attic clean up.

Atlanta Raccoons In The Attic

Atlanta wildlife removal can remove raccoons in the attic. Raccoons can cause a great deal of damage to your home. If they get into your attic they can tear up the insulation or damage your sheetrock. A raccoon will come into your home to build a nest for their young. After trapping raccoons, we can provide exclusion to keep them from getting back in.

After removing the raccoons from the attic there is still the problem of the damage. Raccoons can stain the insulation and wood in your attic with their feces and urine. We can help you with cleanup and deodorization services. We can also help with insulation removal and replacement for your Atlanta home. Our attic cleanup services will help restore your home.

Atlanta Raccoon Trapping

Raccoons can cause damage to your roof. They will tear up the shingles and rip into the wood as they get into your home. Not only do you end up with raccoons in your attic, but you can have water damage from the holes in your roof. After we trap the raccoons we will fix your roofing. We can put caps on the chimney to prevent them from entering. We can also repair any damage to siding or vents that may have been torn up from the raccoons trying to get into your home.

Atlanta Raccoons In the Yard

Raccoons in your yard can be a problem. Raccoons are clever animals and they will find ways to get into your trash. Raccoons dig up your yard or garden in search of insects. If you hear an animal in your trash at night it could be a raccoon. We will help you to locate and trap the raccoon. Raccoons also carry disease that can be spread to you, your family, or your pets. Don’t let this pest animal live in your yard. Call us today to help you remove raccoons from your home.