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Call Affordable Wildlife Removal for rat removal Brandon Florida to get rid of rats in attic and walls, damage repair, cleanup and extermination Hillsborough County FL. They carry a number of diseases and other pests. Even with no direct contact, their droppings can be more dangerous than their bite. Contact with contaminated mice droppings can make someone sick enough to be hospitalized. They are also hosts to fleas which can spread a wide variety of illnesses.

If you think you have a mouse living in your walls or attic, call us today. These creatures can breed quickly so you end up with a large colony in a short period of time. Wildlife specialists are available in your area. They can trap and remove all the rats and mice on your property.

Pest Rat Exterminator

Mice and Rat Exterminator

Rats are a one of history’s most dreaded pests. They are partially responsible for the spread of the black plague in medieval Europe. These rodents are can be covered in fleas that are full of terrible diseases. These furry little creatures damage and contaminate food products in particular. Call now for professional rat extermination in Hillsborough County.

There is no need to live with the threats rats can bring. Local professionals right here in Brandon can help you combat your problems. A proactive approach to extermination and exclusion can prevent them from becoming a problem in the first place. Save time and money by calling us today for a complete rodent inspection.

Rat Damage Repair

Fix Rat Damage and Cleanup

In addition to health hazards, they can also cause damage to your property. These rodents will chew through electrical wires in addition to anything else that will keep their teeth sharp. Frayed and gnawed wires can be a fire hazard if left alone. Trapping and repairing damage can significantly reduce the likelihood of future problems.

The health hazards don’t end in the home. Mice, and the disease they carry, are a danger to businesses as well. Rat control options are available for commercial and residential customers. Don’t let these pests near your employees and patrons. Consult with a specialist and create a plan to protect your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Usually trapping is the best way. Keep in mind where there is one rat there is always many more. It also good to be able to dispose of the rats rather than them dying somewhere do to using poison.

Once rats have been removed, there is usually some level of repair and clean up that is also needed. Make sure the professional you use is skilled at rat proofing. You want to prevent rats from getting back in. For health reasons you want rat droppings cleaned up.

If you hear scratching noises in your walls, ceiling and attic, you could have a rodent problem. Rats and Mice can enter your home through very small openings. If you think you have a rat problem it’s best to act fast as rats are quick breeders.