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Bat Trapping And Removal

Bat Removal Exclusion

Call Affordable Wildlife Removal for bat removal Brandon Florida to get rid of pest bats in attic, damage repair, exclusion and guano clean up in Hillsborough County FL. These mammals are probably one of the most beneficial critters we encounter. Watch out though, they are good at spreading disease. Droppings or guano can make you very sick. Even a small colony can contaminate insulation.

If urine and droppings contaminate the insulation to need to call an expert to replace it to avoid getting severely ill. Our goal is safe and humane trapping to protect your home and family.

Remove Bats in Attic

Remove Bats from Attic

One of the most common calls we get every year is to remove bats in attic. Once they begin nesting in your home and attic, they will build a colony. If not found quickly, this colony can grow quite large in size. If you think that you have critters in the attic or home, call us for an inspection.

The building should be completely inspected to find all entry points as well as ensuring there are no young present. Evicting adults and leaving babies is not a desirable outcome. This will result in unpleasant odors and possible bug infestations. All openings should be sealed except one to stop reentry but allow leaving.

Expert Bat Damage Repair

Fix Bat Damage

In addition to being a source of disease, they can also cause damage to your house. Even small colonies can create a huge pile of guano in a short period of time. This mammal can create a larger hole for other pests to come in through. Bats will destroy the insulation with stains and odors caused by their urine and guano droppings.

This insulation will need to be replaced. Next area will need to be cleaned and new insulation installed. If the damaged insulation is left a toxic fungus can develop. Our wildlife professionals are experts at getting your home back in shape. Finally any cosmetic problems can be addressed. We want to make your home look perfect.

Pest Bats in Home

Pest Bat in Home

Finding a bat in your house can be a terrifying event. It makes sense to want to remove them as quickly as possible. They are a common wildlife in our state. While there is no reason to panic, you need to call professional help right away. These critters are difficult to evict in addition to being a health risk.

Professional wild animal technicians also guarantee that all creatures have been removed. The longer you have them in your house, the more damage they will cause. Luckily, there are wildlife experts in Hillsborough County, Florida so call today.

Bat Extermination for Control

We receive calls for extermination. You should never hire a company that uses poisons or pesticides to kill them. The best way to remove bats from your home or attic is by trapping and exclusion. Let us inspect your home. We will determine the entry and exit areas. We find problems that need to be sealed up as well as the best spot for a one-way exclusion door.

This allows for humane removal as it allows them to exit the building but not return. When the building or property is all clear, the one-way door will be removed and sealed up allowing for final clean up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, your local animal control does not handle bats. You will probable have to hire a professional. We offer humane bat removal because they are beneficial to us. There are many solutions to solve most infestation issues. We use one-way doors to allow them to leave but not return. Then seal-up the house.

There are many factors that determine the cost. How long the bats have been there, how much guano clean up, damage repair and seal-up is needed? It’s at least several hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars depending on how widespread the problem is. Please understand there is an enormous amount of work to remove, clean and seal your home or attic.

Bats will seek your home and attic for a nice, dark place to live. They can get into any gap or opening that’s at least 3/8 of an inch. This is common in many older homes. Over time, mother nature and local critters damage your house. This includes gaps or openings leading to your attic.